Work Scope: Air diving services up to 50 m depth at offshore Oil fields In Persian Gulf.
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Work Scope: Leakage repair and clamp installation on 18" Pipeline.
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Work Scope: Inspection and Free Span Rectification services, between Kharg Island to Azarpad jetty and Asalouyeh shore to SBM No.1.
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Work Scope: Intelligent Pigging operation approximately 1000 km for subsea pipelines,Phase 1 to 10 in South Pars. 
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Work Scope: Remotely Operated Vehicle (R.O.V) services in Caspian sea for drill support in deep waters.
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Work Scope: Survey - positioning services on Amir Kabir drilling rig.
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Work Scope: Technical services for onshore and offshore facilities and SBM maintenance in Persian Gulf .
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Work Scope: 300 km Subsea pipeline Inspection utilizing ROV and DPII vessel, as well as shallow waters using surface supply diving system
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Work Scope: Jacket inspection (Under Water and splash zone) in Persian Gulf (75 platforms).
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Work Scope: Spool piece installation on 4 inch MEG line on SPD7 in south Pars field and leakage repair of 32 inch line on SPD9
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Work Scope: Provision of high pressure pipeline fittings and refurbishment of Elima jack up drilling unit.
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Work Scope: ROV services for various jack up barges such as ABAN VIII, SAHAR 1, and MD 1
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Specializations & Services
Survey & under water positioning
Due to the latest investment and partnership, we have the capability to provide Surface ...
ROV Services
We have the access to a vast range of different types of ROVs including work class ...
Operation & Managment
We have the capability to provide with own resources as well as from subcontracted
Engineering & Construction
Our experienced and skilled engineering team due to the access to the latest and updated ...

PEPCO successfully managed to repair 12" Gas Pipeline between Gheshm and Pohl by installation of Smart Flange & Spool Piece.

ISO 9001 ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001 ISO/TS 29001
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