Diving Services
  • Installation of subsea structures such as PLEMS, Manifolds, Valve skids, Riser, etc.
  • Pipeline refurbishment and repairs by installation of Clamps
  • Spool piece installation
  • CP inspection and Anode installation on offshore platforms and pipelines using sacrificed or impressed current anodes
  • Pipeline free span correction using grout bags
  • SBM installation, inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Installation of Offshore loading systems including floating & subsea hoses
  • Installation of Flexible pipelines, Power cable, and Fiber Optic cable
  • Tie-ins using diver or diver-less intervention methods
  • Complete Installation of Mooring systems with Suction piles, driven piles or conventional anchors for Floating units including FPSO's


Specializations & Services
Survey & under water positioning
Due to the latest investment and partnership, we have the capability to provide Surface ...
ROV Services
We have the access to a vast range of different types of ROVs including work class ...
Operation & Managment
We have the capability to provide with own resources as well as from subcontracted
Engineering & Construction
Our experienced and skilled engineering team due to the access to the latest and updated ...

PEPCO successfully managed to repair 12" Gas Pipeline between Gheshm and Pohl by installation of Smart Flange & Spool Piece.

ISO 9001 ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001 ISO/TS 29001
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